Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology

Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology is a research group that brings a strong evolutionary dimension to the study of fisheries and fisheries science.

Most research in EvoFish is currently related to fisheries-induced evolution, but we are also more generally interested in fisheries ecology and evolutionary ecology.

EvoFish has its core funding from the Bergen Research Foundation and the Department of Biology. We are well linked locally, nationally as well as internationally.

EvoFish organized and sponsored a symposium on Evolving Fish, Changing Fisheries at the American Fisheries Society annual meeting August 17-21st, 2008 in Ottawa, Canada. A special issue published in the Evolutionary Applications contains some highlights from the session.

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    EvoFish has moved (virtually)
The EvoFish news are now exclusively serviced at its new location. Please use this address for up-to-date news and infos.

    EvoFish at ICES ASC 2010
EvoFish was present at the Annual Science Conference 2010 of ICES in Nantes.

    EvoFish at Natural Resource Modeling Conference
Mikko Heino and Fabian Zimmermann of EvoFish participated in the 2010 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling.

    Lennart Persson visits EvoFish
EvoFish is visited by world-renown ecologist Lennart Persson.

    Third EvoFish Annual Meeting
The third annual meeting of the EvoFish took place on March 15th at the Fløien Folkerestaurant on top of Mount Fløyen.

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Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology
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