PhD Student, M.Sc.
Ingrid Wathne

PhD topic: Size-selective mortality on daphnids: field and laboratory experiments.

Supervisors: Mikko Heino, Katja Enberg, Knut Helge Jensen and Petter Larsson

My PhD research is about size-selective mortality; to study the impact of a novel predator on a zooplankton community. The background for the project is the introduction of perch into Myravatn, a small lake outside Bergen. The aim of my PhD project is twofold: to study the effects of size-selective mortality on (i) the zooplankton community in a lake and (ii) the life history trait of one of the species in the lake (Daphnia pulex). I will look for any changes in species abundance and the size structure and reproductive phenology of the daphnids in the lake. I will also test experimentally for any changes in the daphnids probabilistic maturation reaction norms (PMRNs) and if size-selective mortality favours clones with a certain set of life-history traits as predicted by the life history theory. My PhD project consists of one field study and three laboratory experiments:

Study 1:
Impact of size-selective predation by alien fish introduction on a zooplankton community
Study 2:
The probabilistic maturation reaction norms for clones of Daphnia pulex before and after an introduction of an alien predator: evidence for selective predation?
Study 3:
Influence of growth variability and ambient temperature on the probabilistic maturation reaction norms of Daphnia pulex
Study 4:
Clonal life history evolution in Daphnia pulex under size-selective harvesting


I obtained my master's degree in Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology at the University of Bergen in 2007. In my master thesis I studied alpine daphnids at Finse, Norway, focusing on their different winter survival strategies. After finishing my master I worked at VilVite, Bergen Science Centre, for 1.5 years where I made educational lessons in natural studies for children in primary school.


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