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We Are Currently Seeking Two PhD Students - Deadline 18 October

We are currently seeking two PhDs (3 years each) to model effects of climate change on fish life histories. The positions are part of the EU training network MARmaED. Application deadline is 18 October 2015.

PhD project A: How may climate-driven evolution of fish life histories and behaviours interact with effects of fishing?

PhD project B: With climate warming, species are expected to move northwards, but what happens when they approach high latitudes with increasing seasonality and even a long polar night?

The PhD students will be taking part in the activities of the Theoretical Ecology Group. The PhD positions will be part of the EU training network MARmaED, with 8 partner institutions across Europe. Because the positions are EU-funded, special mobility requirements apply: You cannot have been resident in Norway (the host country) for more than 12 months in total during the last 36 months (counted from starting date of the PhD position), and you are ineligible if your research experience (beyond the Master\'s degree) exceeds 4 years.

PhD supervisors will be Christian Jørgensen (email: and Øyvind Fiksen (email: The workplace will be the Theoretical Ecology Group at the University of Bergen. Application deadline is 18 October 2015 and we hope the candidate can start by January 2016.

You can read the whole advertisement here:

For potential Masters students

The Theoretical Ecology Groups welcomes new Masters students in all our research themes. Here is one potential topic:

You can also check our Research web page and contanct potential supervisors directly to inquire whether they will have an opening for new MSc students in the near future. The best way to make first contact is to present your background and research interests briefly in an email.

Information on application dates, housing and many other practicalities for being a Master of Science (MSc) student at Department of Biology, University of Bergen, can be found here. Most or all MSc education at the Department of Biology (and the Faculty of Science) is in English, and most MSc theses are written in English.

On becoming a PhD student

PhD studies at University of Bergen are based on employment at UiB or one of the cooperating research institutes, such as Uni Research. All PhD positions at UiB must be openly advertised. There is thus no reason to contact a TEG researcher to ask for a PhD opportunity. It is possible, however, to contact a researcher to propose a PhD project within one of TEGs research fields, for which a grant application can be submitted to the Research Council of Norway (RCN). Deadline for such applications is normally June 1, and RCN requires that the supervisor is the formal applicant. The competition within RCN is strong, with more than 90% rejection rate. Suggestion for such proposals must therefore come months before the deadline.

What do our students do after they have finished?

We have interviewed some of our students to give an idea of what life after studies can be like. Please follow this link to find out more.


Dag L. Aksnes
Sergey Budaev
Sigrunn Eliassen
Group Leader, Professor
Øyvind Fiksen
PhD Student
Nadia Fouzai
Jarl Giske
PhD Student
Camilla Håkonsrud Jensen
PhD Student
Judy Jinn
Associate Professor
Christian Jørgensen
Christian Lindemann
Adjunct Professor
Marc Mangel
Adèle Mennerat
Anders F. Opdal
PhD Student
Jacqueline Weidner