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Hjort Seminars on Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

Below is the schedule for the Hjort seminars on Marine Ecosystem Dynamics. Jarl Giske is responsible, please contact him at to schedule a talk. Most seminars will take place in the 2nd floor of Thormøhlens gate 53C (T53C).

 2013 Spring

DateTimeSpeaker and TitleLocation
10 Jan 09:15-10:00 Corinna Schrum - SEAMAN. Spatially resolved Ecosystem models and their Application to Marine MANagement - A SeasERA project T53C
10:00-11:00 PhD and MSc Students - Student Progress Seminars
17 Jan 10:15-11:00 BIO 312 - General introduction T53C
21 Jan 12:15-13:00 Steve Railsback - Trait-mediated trophic interactions: is foraging theory keeping up? (TREE paper) T53C
24 Jan 09:15-10:00 Dag L. Aksnes - The sensitivity of marine ecosystem models to the background light attenuation T53C
10:15-11:00 BIO 312 Justine Diaz: Horizontally migratory predators - Utne & al. (2012)
25 Jan 14:15-15:00 Steve Railsback - NetLogo – a platform for Individual-based modeling T53B, K3
31 Jan 10:15-11:00 BIO 312 Eirik Norheim & Daniel Sellæg: Abundance of mesopelagics - Kaartvedt et al (2012) T53C
12:00-14:00 Øyvind Fiksen and Geir Huse - Sketch for a marine ecosystems centre
07 Feb 09:15-10:00 Ehouarn Simon (picture) - Application of ensemble-based Kalman filters for combined state and parameter estimation in ocean ecosystem models T53C
10:15-11:00 BIO 312 Bjørn Snorre Andersen & Camilla Jensen: Genetics and population structure - Kristoffersen & Salvanes (2009)
14 Feb 09:15-10:00 PhD and MSc Students - Student Progress Seminars T53C
10:15-11:00 BIO 312 Eivind Schartum & Bjørnar Sandsmark: Role of light - Staby & Aksnes (2011)
21 Feb 09:15-10:00 Rune Rosland - Effects of forced upwelling on mussel (M. edulis) growth in an oligotrophic fjord system T53C
10:15-11:00 BIO 312 Jeanette Gramstad and Tom Walvik: Seasonal patterns - Dypvik & al (2012)
28 Feb 10:15-11:00 BIO 312 Bjørnar Sandsmark & Camilla Jensen: Adaptation to the north - Kaartvedt & al (1998) T53C
07 Mar 09:15-10:00 PhD and MSc Students - Student Progress Seminars T53C
08 Mar 09:15-10:00 Julie Sainmont - Income versus Capital spawner: Feeding season duration and the relative success of Capital and Income spawning copepods T53C
14 Mar 13:15-14:00 BIO 312 Eirik Norheim & Jeanette Gramstad: More vertical migration - Staby & al (2011) T53C
21 Mar 13:15-14:00 BIO 312 Daniel Sellæg & Bjørn Snorre Andersen: A theoretical model - Rosland & Giske (1997) T53C
11 Apr 09:15-11:00 - Grant proposal ideas T53C
17 Apr 09:15-10:00 Geir Huse - BASIN cruise planning T53C

 Previous Seminars

 2012 Autumn
DateTimeSpeaker and TitleLocation
06 Sep 09:15-11:00 Øyvind Fiksen - Trait-based ecosystem models T53C
13 Sep 09:15-11:00 Selina Våge - Cost of resistance extends theory for the role of lytic viruses in structuring pelagic microbial communities - Explaining observational paradoxes in host-virus ecology using a trade-off between competition and defense T53C
27 Sep 09:15-11:00 Marco Castellani - The Scaled Subspaces Method: a New Trait-Based Approach to Model Communities of Populations with Largely Inhomogeneous Density T53C
04 Oct 09:15-11:00 Anders F. Opdal - Jellyfish Exert Marginal Influence on Fish in Three Major Marine Ecosystems T53C
15 Nov 09:15-11:00 Rebecca E. Holt - Climate Responses in Fish: Temperature Dependence of Physiological Performance and Consequences for Ecological Functions T53C
Rune Rosland - SIU POME samarbeidsprosjekt med Dalhousie

 2012 Spring
DateTimeSpeaker and TitleLocation
19 Mar 09:00-15:00 IMR and UiB joint meeting - Norwecom strategy development Scandic
12 Apr 09:15-11:00 Geir Huse - Norwecom strategy T53C
19 Apr 09:00-11:00 Dag L. Aksnes - Coastal waters & secchi discs T53C
Jarl Giske - Oceans of Emotions
Geir Huse - Upcoming deadlines
Anyone - FRIBIOMED applications?
26 Apr 09:15-11:00 Corinna Schrum - Flying shrimps: Physical forces acting on brown shrimps and their role for selective tidal stream transport T53C
Solfrid Sætre Hjøllo - The last Calanus-paper
- News from HAVKYST?
03 May 09:15-11:00 Kjell Rong Utne - Pelagic fish in NORWECOM T53C
Marco Castellani - TBECO@BIO
10 May 09:15-11:00 Rune Rosland - TBECO in FRIMEDBIO-application T53C
Anyone - discussion items in ongoing proposals
24 May 09:15-11:00 Annette Samuelsen - Linking mesoscale structures to distribution of biomass T53C
Cecilie Hansen - Building Atlantis in the Nordic and Barents Seas
31 May 09:15-11:00 Ute Daewel - Simulating long term dynamics in the North and Baltic Sea LTL ecosystem with ECOSMO II T53C
07 Jun 09:15-11:00 Geir Huse - TE-party, HAVKYST and Norwecom strategy T53C

For other seminar series, please see:
- Horisonter - seminars of the Faculty of Science
- Seminars of Evofish, Aquaculture and Fisheries, etc at Department of Biology


Dag L. Aksnes
Sergey Budaev
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Ryan J. Dillon
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Sigrunn Eliassen
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Johanna Fall
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Øyvind Fiksen
PhD Student
Nadia Fouzai
Jarl Giske
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Camilla Håkonsrud Jensen
Christian Jørgensen
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Tom J. Langbehn
Christian Lindemann
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Gabriella Ljungström
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Marc Mangel
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Anders F. Opdal
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Nicolas J. I. Rodriguez
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Jacqueline Weidner
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